Ah, Brooklyn. The borough so popular that David and Victoria Beckham even named one of their kids after it. It’s where we’ve lived for the past 6+ years and we love it, but some people still fear it. Whether it’s because the memories and accents of Welcome Back, Kotter are so haunting, or because we get struck by tornadoes every so often, some people are trepidatious about visiting the borough that sits across from lower Manhattan.

For our guests who are unfamiliar with Brooklyn and this will be a whole new world to you, here’s a good little article about some of the great small-town charms of our area. It may be the fourth largest city in America (or, again, perhaps that’s just a lingering memory from Welcome Back, Kotter), but it’s still a quaint place to live to me.

If you plan to stay at either hotel we’ve blocked rooms at, here’s a list of the vendors mentioned in the article that will be in walking distance or a quick cab ride to the next neighborhood:


Holler & Squall

City Foundry


Metal & Thread

Erie Basin


Brooklyn Farmacy

Vinegar Hill House

Brooklyn Larder

Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Homemade Brooklyn


The Brooklyn Flea (one of our favorites—open Saturdays and Sundays)

Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket