So chances are, if you are friends with us, you like to eat. And if you don’t like to eat, I’m not sure what your problem is, but we can address our friendship issues another time. This post is about where you should go to stuff your face while you’re in the city. I have three suggestions, and they’re all one-stop shops.

1. The Limelight Marketplace 656 6th Avenue @ W. 21st St. (Pictured)  Just like New York, this former church has evolved and gone from from old-fashioned architectural wonder to 1970s skanktown to yuppified foodie heaven. It’s also near a Bed, Bath & Beyond, and you KNOW you have some 20% coupons lying around.

2. Chelsea Market 9th Avenue and W. 15th St. Home of the Food Network and local cable channel favorite New York 1. Check out The Filling Station for amazing olive oil and vinegar and truffle salt, The Green Table (organic fine dining! biodynamic wines!), Fat Witch Brownies, Amy’s Bread, or Bowery Kitchen Supply. It’s heaven, and Janice Black-approved.

3. Eataly 200 Fifth Avenue @ 23rd St. Everything Italian, run by Mario Batali. SUPER crowded on weekend afternoons, hit it up on a weekday.