The Loeb Boathouse

It’s time to get real, friends. We’ve had a pretty big shakeup in our wedding plans (no, it’s not like I’ve decided to join the circus and have our wedding party consist entirely of my new friends from clown college, although…not a bad idea).  The thing is, we unfortunately had to change our reception venue and our wedding date.

Our new wedding date is July 17, just one day later than originally planned, and our new venue is the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, in Manhattan. So things won’t be quite as Brooklyn-y as we thought, but we still plan to show our guests a good time, outer-borough style. Unfortunately, we realize this change in the date means it may be harder on our guests and some of you might not actually be able to come, and that’s not something we’re happy about and we regret that more than you can imagine. But we love our new venue (they have gondola rides, and I plan to have a betting pool going to see who falls in the lake first), and we’re positive that it will be an amazing time for those who can attend.

With this change also comes some important hotel info.

We have shifted our blocks of rooms at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott and the NU Hotel so that the group rate applies to people staying over on Sunday night.

To book at the Marriott online for our special rate ($199/night) please click here.

To book at the NU Hotel, please call 1-718-852-8585 and ask for the Black/Kocan block of rooms.

For people who would like to stay in Manhattan now because of the venue change, my advice is to sign up for (it’s free to do so), and check out the link that says “All Vacations” and click on New York. Jetsetter only has really nice properties on their site, and some (like The Carlton Hotel) are as low as $199/night for our weekend in July. And of course, if you have any questions, leave a comment or email me (Liz) directly.

My new clown friends are really excited to perform for you all at the wedding, by the way.