How dare these two steal our wedding theme??

It’s almost here! Can you stand it??

Now that the big day is nearing and the weather forecasts (well, the 10-day, at least) are actually predicting what the weather will be like on the 17th (partly sunny, 85), you’re probably starting to think about just what you actually want to do here. Well, in case my other posts weren’t enough, I have a few final suggestions for you of places to eat near the hotel, so don’t say I never did anything for you.

Frankies 457 – take a cab, it’s a lovely (but long) walk, but if you like Italian food (you know who you are, everyone from Medford), you will love this place. 457 Court Street, Brooklyn

Lunetta – walking distance from the hotels on Smith Street at Pacific (about a 10 minute walk). Get anything with the homemade ricotta. (The ricotta, made by Salvatore Brooklyn, is pretty famous around here. If you spend your Saturday at the Brooklyn Flea you can buy it there in cannoli form or by the tub and you will never look at ricotta the same way again). Lunetta is 116 Smith Street. The Brooklyn Flea is at 176 Lafayette Avenue in Fort Greene on Saturdays (HIGHLY recommended if you want something fun and delicious to do).

The Waterfront Ale House – tons of specialized beers and wines, a nice walk down Atlantic Avenue, and Jeff’s favorite French Dip sandwich. It’s cheap and easy [insert joke here] and good for kids.

Grimaldi’s – World famous Grimaldi’s pizza is delicious. It’s also world famous because of the lines outside to get in. If you go, I recommend skipping breakfast and hitting it at 11:30 before the crowds really show up. 19 Old Fulton St. (I’ve mentioned the Limelight Marketplace in Manhattan before, and if you’re dying to try Grimaldi’s I suggest hitting it’s smaller, less authentic but still very delicious branch inside the Limelight.)

Pacifico – This place kinda looks like a dump, but the food is so goooood. I get the vegetarian burrito which is roughly the size of a human head, and Jeff loves the wings. They also make a mean margarita and it’s pretty cheap, so you see why we love it. 269 Pacific Street.