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I wasn’t actually looking for creative ways to conduct our wedding photo shoot, but thanks to the Internet, I found some amazing ones. has an entire gallery called 30 Catastrophic Russian Wedding Photos and they are something else. I wouldn’t say catastrophic though, they are really magical (sometimes literally). Wait, here’s my favorite:


How dare these two steal our wedding theme??

It’s almost here! Can you stand it??

Now that the big day is nearing and the weather forecasts (well, the 10-day, at least) are actually predicting what the weather will be like on the 17th (partly sunny, 85), you’re probably starting to think about just what you actually want to do here. Well, in case my other posts weren’t enough, I have a few final suggestions for you of places to eat near the hotel, so don’t say I never did anything for you.

Frankies 457 – take a cab, it’s a lovely (but long) walk, but if you like Italian food (you know who you are, everyone from Medford), you will love this place. 457 Court Street, Brooklyn

Lunetta – walking distance from the hotels on Smith Street at Pacific (about a 10 minute walk). Get anything with the homemade ricotta. (The ricotta, made by Salvatore Brooklyn, is pretty famous around here. If you spend your Saturday at the Brooklyn Flea you can buy it there in cannoli form or by the tub and you will never look at ricotta the same way again). Lunetta is 116 Smith Street. The Brooklyn Flea is at 176 Lafayette Avenue in Fort Greene on Saturdays (HIGHLY recommended if you want something fun and delicious to do).

The Waterfront Ale House – tons of specialized beers and wines, a nice walk down Atlantic Avenue, and Jeff’s favorite French Dip sandwich. It’s cheap and easy [insert joke here] and good for kids.

Grimaldi’s – World famous Grimaldi’s pizza is delicious. It’s also world famous because of the lines outside to get in. If you go, I recommend skipping breakfast and hitting it at 11:30 before the crowds really show up. 19 Old Fulton St. (I’ve mentioned the Limelight Marketplace in Manhattan before, and if you’re dying to try Grimaldi’s I suggest hitting it’s smaller, less authentic but still very delicious branch inside the Limelight.)

Pacifico – This place kinda looks like a dump, but the food is so goooood. I get the vegetarian burrito which is roughly the size of a human head, and Jeff loves the wings. They also make a mean margarita and it’s pretty cheap, so you see why we love it. 269 Pacific Street.



Dear Friends,

Because of our last-minuteness in sending out our reprinted invitations, we realize there’s some pressure on you to send back your R.S.V.P. cards in a timely fashion. (Although, I mean, even though the response date says June 20th, we realize you may not get it to us by then, we were just too cheap to reprint that with a later date).

This is just a note to our one mystery guest, the very first guest to respond to us in fact, whose response we received literally within a day of the invites being sent…but this mysterious (and yet very efficient) person did not put their name on their R.S.V.P.

WHO ARE YOU, MYSTERY GUEST? SHOW YOURSELF! I knew we should have numbered those response cards.


Liz & Jeff

There’s too much to do in New York City, I’ll give you that. Just figuring out what to do can be overwhelming, so allow me to give you a few touring plans. These take into consideration that fact that many of you will only have Saturday or a part of the morning on Sunday to really see the city, but believe me, if anyone is a master of time-efficiency, it’s me. (This is Liz, for the record.)

Touring Plan #1: Chelsea

The Highline Park and Chelsea Market (and also the Apple store, in case you need a new iPad) are all within 2 blocks of each other and they’re one of the best quick trips into Manhattan because you get awesome food inside Chelsea Market (I wrote about the Market before because I love it that much) – there are a dozen restaurants to have a quick lunch at and they’re all delicious – as well as great specialty food shops, kitchen-wares, and an Anthropologie. Chelsea Market is on 9th Avenue and 15th Street. Right down the block on 14th Street and 9th Avenue is the Apple store. You might not want to spend your vacation there, but then again, maybe you don’t live in Apple-store distance and want to check out our Genius Bar.

The Highline Park also runs along 9th Ave. and it’s a park that runs along the tracks of the old elevated subway line. Well worth the climb up (there’s an elevator if you prefer) for the views and the snacks. Have you noticed a theme about my love of snacks?

Touring Plan #2: Broadway (not so much a plan as a way to get cheap theater tickets)

TKTS is the place to go for discounted Broadway tickets. You must buy the tickets the day of the show, so if you’re in town on Saturday, hit the TKTS booth in the afternoon. Not every show is available at a discount (and good luck getting Book of Mormon tickets at all), but for long-running shows like Mary Poppins, Chicago, Jersey Boys, and the audience-terrifying Spider-Man, tickets are usually 50% off. There’s a TKTS booth in Times Square and one, conveniently enough, right by the Marriott in Downtown Brooklyn at 1 MetroTech Center at the corner of Jay Street and Myrtle Avenue Promenade.

For same-day evening and next day matinee  performances:

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 6pm
(Closed for lunch 3 pm-3:30 pm)

Touring Plan #3: Stay In Brooklyn Heights, Pretend You’re Us For The Day, Tell Your Friends You Conquered Brooklyn And It’s Not So Scary After All

If you’re staying at the NU Hotel or the Marriott and don’t feel like taking the subway to Manhattan, there’s still plenty to do in Brooklyn Heights. Personally, my favorite store in the world (correction: my favorite store which is not Target or CVS), is a little food shop called Sahadi’s, located at 187 Atlantic Avenue, a few blocks from the hotels. It’s technically a Middle Eastern emporium, but really it is SO. MUCH. MORE. They have coffee, tea, pasta, malted milk balls, amazing homemade hummus, Coach Farm Triple Cream goat cheese, my most favorite hot red pepper spread, spinach and feta pies, and pretty much everything else ever. Further down the road at 97 Atlantic, is the Roebling Inn, a little bar that used to actually be called Magnetic Field, but it changed hands a couple years ago. It’s a nice local spot, but more importantly, Magnetic Field is where Jeff and I had our very first date and continued to go back to weekly for trivia night until the one time we won and decided to quit while we were ahead.

Atlantic has a lot of cute shops and restaurants, but I’d recommend that you walk west and take a right on Hicks Street to enjoy the brownstone-y beauty of the Heights for a few blocks, and get a meal at Jack the Horse, a tavern on 66 Hicks Street. It’s a hidden gem in the neighborhood, but well worth the walk. After dinner, check out the Promenade and the views of lower Manhattan.

If you need more to do, I will also suggest the Circle Line boat, it’s a three-hour boat tour (a three-hour tour, a three-hour tour…) around the circumference of Manhattan and we’ve done it a few times, despite not being tourists or Gilligan.

That’s it. I’m spent. I got nothin’ else. But these should keep you busy for a while (just don’t get distracted and miss the wedding, okay?).

The Loeb Boathouse

It’s time to get real, friends. We’ve had a pretty big shakeup in our wedding plans (no, it’s not like I’ve decided to join the circus and have our wedding party consist entirely of my new friends from clown college, although…not a bad idea).  The thing is, we unfortunately had to change our reception venue and our wedding date.

Our new wedding date is July 17, just one day later than originally planned, and our new venue is the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park, in Manhattan. So things won’t be quite as Brooklyn-y as we thought, but we still plan to show our guests a good time, outer-borough style. Unfortunately, we realize this change in the date means it may be harder on our guests and some of you might not actually be able to come, and that’s not something we’re happy about and we regret that more than you can imagine. But we love our new venue (they have gondola rides, and I plan to have a betting pool going to see who falls in the lake first), and we’re positive that it will be an amazing time for those who can attend.

With this change also comes some important hotel info.

We have shifted our blocks of rooms at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott and the NU Hotel so that the group rate applies to people staying over on Sunday night.

To book at the Marriott online for our special rate ($199/night) please click here.

To book at the NU Hotel, please call 1-718-852-8585 and ask for the Black/Kocan block of rooms.

For people who would like to stay in Manhattan now because of the venue change, my advice is to sign up for (it’s free to do so), and check out the link that says “All Vacations” and click on New York. Jetsetter only has really nice properties on their site, and some (like The Carlton Hotel) are as low as $199/night for our weekend in July. And of course, if you have any questions, leave a comment or email me (Liz) directly.

My new clown friends are really excited to perform for you all at the wedding, by the way.

If you’re a Harry Potter nerd like we are, you’ll be delighted to hear that the Harry Potter: The Exhibition exhibition is going on all summer long in Times Square. This is not an April Fool’s joke.

Experience the amazing craftsmanship of more than 200 authentic costumes and props from the Harry Potter™ films displayed in settings inspired by the films sets – including the Great Hall, Hagrid’s hut and the Gryffindor common room. While touring through the exhibition space, discover iconic items such as Harry’s original wand and eyeglasses, the Marauder’s Map, Gryffindor school uniforms as well as costumes worn at the Yule Ball. Enter the Quidditch area and toss a Quaffle, pull your own Mandrake in the Herbology vignette, encounter Buckbeakthe Hippogriff and even a giant Acromantula spider.

So, if you have a passion for attending weddings and looking at a bunch of dragon/troll/child wizard movie props, you’re in for the weekend of your life come mid-July. You’re welcome!

P.S. There will be a sorting ceremony at the wedding so you all can find out what Hogwarts house you belong in. What will the sorting hat whisper to you?

P.P.S. Just kidding, there won’t really be. You’re all in Hufflepuff.

Every year, New York Magazine puts out a “Best of New York” issue. The latest edition just came out last week, so you should check it out if you want to try all the fun, hip things that fun, hip New Yorkers are up to. A word of warning, this article seems to paint a picture that we New Yorkers are all just bedbug-infested, taco-and-offal-loving yoga addicts with thousands of dollars to throw away on bespoke suits and vintage bikes. Not true. Some of us are also roach-infested burrito-lovers with tens of dollars to throw away on tops from H&M.